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Robert Stadler's light installation at St. Paul St. Louis Church, Paris (Nuit Blanche), 2007

Photo by Marc Domage

Visitors enter the church through a lateral door and first see a scattered group of luminous spheres hovering in the choir. As one approaches the center of the nave, the spheres form a giant question mark. They become a punctuation mark superimposed over the religious symbols. Then as one moves through the church, the question mark decomposes. The figure becomes abstracted again in order to echo the hanging lights of the cathedral. Contrasting with the symmetry of the edifice, these luminous suspension points are like a musical notation, or holes punctuating the architectural volume. The question (or doubt) is absorbed by the space. Commissioned by Olga Milogrodzka for the Baltic See Cultural Center, the installation was presented in 2009 at St. John’s church in Gdansk, Poland.

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"Reduzier mich nicht auf meinen Körper- meine Schuhe waren teuer."



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